Polished Concrete

Retailers, big box stores, and educational facilities are all using polished concrete for its ease of maintenance and clean, bright look.

Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete flooring is both strong and beautiful. The polished surface reflects light to create a brighter workspace with the right professional look. It’s also economical and easy to clean and maintain.

This type of flooring provides a flat, even surface with superior hardness and density, abrasion and chemical resistance, and lower initial and long-term costs. It’s environmentally sensible from installation to long-term use in lobbies, offices, showrooms, warehouses, and other areas where you need an attractive and durable floor.

We install your polished concrete flooring with a process that includes grinding the surface with diamonds, treating it with chemicals, and adding the perfect polished concrete sealer. We can dye your polished concrete for even greater visual appeal.

When the flooring project is completed, you can use your floor immediately with no downtime. At Treadwell, we have the highly specialized equipment and skilled, knowledgeable flooring craftsmen to create incredibly attractive and long-lasting polished concrete floors.

Polishable Topping

Polishing older concrete slabs can present a challenge. Often these surfaces contain old patches, discoloration and rough areas from pits, cracks and spalling. Instead of replacing the concrete or covering it up with a different floor type, you can restore it with Treadwell’s polishable topping.

Restoring a concrete floor is a multi-stage process that starts with pumping in a cement based mirco- topping to even out imperfections and repair damaged areas. This topping goes on and cures quickly providing a smooth surface with a consistent appearance.

Next we polish the floor a like-new brilliance. This process includes grinding the surface with diamonds, treating it with chemicals, and adding the perfect polished concrete sealer. We can dye your polishable topping for even greater visual appeal.

When the project is completed, the surface is hard, smooth, and moisture resistant.

Polish Refresh

Treadwell offers polish refresh services to renew the beauty and shine of your polished concrete floors. Polished concrete flooring is durable and long-lasting, but its surface can be marred due to spills, tire marks, tracked-in sand and dirt, improper cleaning, and water leaks. After a few years, you may notice stains, discoloration or dullness in your once-beautiful floors.

Refreshing your polished concrete removes stains and tire marks, restores the initial gloss level, and improves durability. When you choose Treadwell’s polish refresh, you can avoid replacing the floor without giving up the visual appeal of an attractive polished concrete surface for your commercial or industrial space.

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